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Introducing our premium 3lb Package Bees with Italian Queen, sourced directly from a renowned and high-quality producer in Georgia


**Why Choose Italian Bees?**
Italian bees are renowned for their exceptional characteristics that make them a preferred choice among beekeepers worldwide. Known for their gentle disposition, prolific egg-laying ability, and superior foraging skills, Italian bees are a pleasure to work with and a joy to watch as they diligently gather nectar and pollen.

**Package Contents:**
Our 3lb package includes approximately 10,000 worker bees, a young and vigorous Italian Queen, and a well-ventilated, secure shipping container. The bees are sourced from a trusted producer in Georgia, ensuring that you receive healthy, disease-resistant, bees ready to thrive.

**Key Features:**

1. **High-Quality Italian Queen:** Your colony's success starts with a top-quality queen bee. Our Italian Queen is handpicked for her genetics, ensuring strong offspring and colony vitality.

2. **Hardworking Worker Bees:** With thousands of worker bees at your disposal, your hive will quickly establish itself and get to work foraging, pollinating, and producing honey.

3. **Easy Installation:** We provide clear instructions for installing your package bees, making it a straightforward process even for beginners.

4. **Healthy and Disease-Free:** Our bees undergo thorough health checks to ensure they are free from diseases and parasites, minimizing the risk to your hive.

5. **Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:** We stand by the quality of our package bees. If you encounter any issues or have questions, we are here to assist you.


3lb Package Bees with Italian Queen

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