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Italian Bees For Sale

Italian Bees for Sale Near Me

Italian honey bees for sale can be purchased by a local beekeeper in your area. If you live in and around the Odenton area of Maryland, pay HoneySmith Bees a visit. Italian honey bees are a distinct type of honey bee that many beekeepers use in their colonies.


This bee is the most popular type of honey bee used by American beekeepers. They are very easy to work with for new and seasoned beekeepers. Italian queen honey bees start increasing their colony's population early in the spring, meaning many honey bees will be bringing back pollen and producing plenty of honey for the colony.


Italian bees do not swarm as much as other types of bees do. They usually don't start swarming until their second year in a hive, and only do it during the spring and summer seasons. They are also very laid back in nature and are the easiest honey bees to work with, making them ideal for beginner beekeepers to manage.


We also carry Italian bees for sale because they are not only popular in the United States, but are the most popular honey bee in the entire world. They are very clean bees and like to keep their area clean, which reduces the chances of disease from occurring within the colony. They are the gentlest and easiest bees to work with, hence their popularity all over the world with beekeepers.


These bees build impressively large hives to keep their honey and pollen in for storage. They produce large numbers of offspring and have a strong disposition, making them the perfect honey bee to work with.


Italian honey bees supposedly originated somewhere in Italy. They were brought to other countries, including the United States, in 1859 and look very similar to the typical bees you see around pollinating plants. Bring home some of these useful insects to add to your bee colonies by purchasing our Italian bees for sale.

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