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Honey Bee Queens For Sale

Queen Bees for Sale

HoneySmith Bees has quality honey bee queens for sale at this time. These are Italian queen bees that are easy to handle and can increase the number of bees in a hive very fast. They have quality VSH traits and are disease resistance, keeping them leaders of their hive for several years. Our queen bees are mated with drone bees that are from carefully chosen VSH drone colonies.


All our Italian queen bees are VSH bees. VSH stands for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene. This means that our honey queen bees for sale are able to reproduce bees that need minimal mite control. VSH bees prevent Varroa mites from breeding and destroying entire beehive populations. VSH is a behavioral trait that can be established into any colony with the introduction of a well-bred VSH Queen.


VSH Italian queen bees were created by the USDA after years of researching how some bees possessed traits that made them resistant to the Varroa destructor mite. There are special beekeepers who encourage bees to raise female larvae as queens, called queen breeders. These larvae will mature into queens that are resistant to Varroa mites, who in turn can breed entire populations of bees also resistant to this mite. The practice of carefully breeding queen bees is called queen rearing and has been done for 150 years so far. HoneySmith Bees VSH queens are reared from USDA breeder queen stock.


These special honey bee queens for sale can help protect thousands of bees from being destroyed by Varroa destructor mites. Preventing the loss of bees can also help with the production of honey and pollination. These bees also keep Varroa destructor mites from increasing in population.

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