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Honey Bee Nucs For Sale

Italian Honey Bee Nucs for Sale

We now have honey bee nucs for sale for the 2020 spring season. We sell 5 deep frame nucs with a VSH Italian Queen. These nucs are great for starting beekeepers or beekeepers who want to add to their population of bees. Each 5 deep frame nuc is complete with 2 frames that have honey and pollen, then 3 frames with a brood of bees.


Typical Italian bee nucs for sale have a little over 10,000 bees but will grow to even more with the right care and conditions. With these bees, you can help produce your crops with your bees pollinating the surrounding plants. This greatly helps the environment around you and encourages the bees to keep pollinating and producing honey.


Our Italian bee nucs for sale are available for pick up only. The only exception to this is if you are ordering more than 25 nucs, we can arrange to get them delivered to you. When you order our honey bee nucs, choose a specific time and place to pick up your order. We only provide pick up times in the morning, since bees are best transported in the morning due to the cooler weather.


We sell our honey bees with the utmost confidence that they are strong and healthy when they leave our property at HoneySmith Bees in Odenton, Maryland. Please contact us right away if you have any problems with your nuc or queen. Our honey bee nucs for sale are sold "as is," and we relieve the responsibility of our nucs once they are off our property.


Make sure your bees and nuc are kept in a safe and cool location when transporting them from our property to your location. Customers have reported losing bees due to heat and not taking the right precautions when transporting nucs.


There are several ways to transport your nucs.  Our ProNuc transport boxes provide excellent ventilation while providing a secure box to prevent any bees from escaping during transport. If you choose, you can also cover the nucs with netting as an added precaution in preventing bees flying outside the nuc.


Please contact us if you have any concerns about buying or transporting our honey bees to their new home. Our Italian bee nucs for sale will make a great addition to your beekeeping and also are a great choice to getting into the beekeeping business.

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