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Pollination Services

Bee Keeper Pollination Services

HoneySmith Bees provides some services to local beekeepers. One of the services we provide is pollination services. We have pollination services for all kinds of crops. Our bees can help pollinate your crops to help you have a larger crop season for the following year. It doesn't matter if you have a large garden or a small piece of land. Our beekeepers can direct our bees to pollinate your plants.


By pollinating, bees help the environment by assisting with the growth of seeds and the production of fruits and vegetables. These bees are essential in helping grow the food we eat. Bees are also known for making honey, which is a popular food for many.


Another service we provide here at HoneySmith Bees in Odenton, MD is providing pure organic honey for sale. Our honey is made from our hive that is carefully watched by our beekeepers to ensure the best tasting honey around.


Our honey taken from the hive is lightly strained and bottled to make sure it is fresh as possible. We do not filter or heat our honey to keep it organic and tastes great. Locust trees and Tulip Poplar grow all over Maryland and nearby states. Our bees get their nectar from these plants. The pure organic honey made from these plants is the best tasting honey around these parts.


Our 16-ounce bottles of honey are made so that you can enjoy the taste of our organic honey for a long time before needing more. We are currently out of stock but will have more honey available soon to the public. Keep an eye out for its availability!


Ryan and Chase have been involved in beekeeping for years. Ryan has been learning about beekeeping since he was young. He is very passionate about sharing his love and knowledge of bees with others. With his family business, Ryan is very active in Maryland state and Anne Arundel County beekeeping associations.


Chase is also one of the very involved bee keepers here at HoneySmith Bees and is learning with Ryan how to run a successful beekeeping business. You can help spread the news about how important bees are by purchasing our pure organic honey or using our pollination services to help spread the importance of bees to family and friends.

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