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At a young age, Ryan (right) was introduced to beekeeping.  With the opportunities to visit a neighbor who raised bees, he learned about the importance of bees, what they do for our earth, and how fascinating they indeed are.

Now, as an adult, with his very own bees and hives, he has a passion for educating others about the importance of bees and the role that they play in our continuously changing climate. This passion has turned from a fascination to a hobby, and now to a family business to make a difference in the beekeeping community and future generations. Consistently studying and learning the best practices of beekeeping is a priority. Ryan is extremely active in the Maryland State, and local Anne Arundel County beekeeping associations and is on track to his goal of becoming an EAS certified Master Beekeeper. 



Chase (left) is passionate about beekeeping and providing strong, healthy honey bees to the public. He is new to beekeeping and continually learning all the aspects of beekeeping with hands-on experience in helping maintain HoneySmith Bees' apiaries.


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