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Organic Honey

Organic Honey for Sale Near Me

Organic honey can be found here at HoneySmith Bees in Odenton, Maryland. Our raw natural honey is sold in 16-ounce bottles so that you have plenty of honey to enjoy on a variety of foods. If you are wondering where to find organic honey near me, check out the supply we have at HoneySmith Bees.


There are many healthy reasons why purchasing organic honey is more beneficial to you and your health than processed store-bought honey. Raw organic honey contains many natural nutrients. Another health factor of organic honey is that it contains pollen.


Bees gather nectar and pollen as they find flowers in nature. This pollen and nectar are taken back to the colony where the bees place them in the honeycomb to use as food later on. Bee pollen is very nutritious and contains over 25 healthy materials, such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and micronutrients. Some counties even recognize bee pollen as a type of medicine, such as the German Federal Ministry of Health.


There are other health benefits as well to pollen found in organic honey. These health benefits include lowering the chances of stroke and heart disease, help with liver function and lower the chances of inflammation from occurring.


Honey is a popular food in the United States and elsewhere, making it high in supply. Store-bought processed honey has very little to no nutrients and added sugar, making it much less healthy than its organic counterpart. When you crave honey, make sure to buy the organic and local kind from a bee supplier near you.


When you are thinking if there is any organic honey near me, do plenty of research to find the best there is and help fund a local beekeeper by purchasing raw honey from them.

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