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We offer the opportunity for your nuc to be installed and ready to go in your new Apiamye hive on pickup day! Give your nuc a head start to the season!! You receive the Apimaye hive set with frames and foundation at a discounted rate with the Hive/Nuc combo. Please select if you would like the Apimaye PRO frames or wooden frames for your hive.

2021 Nuc and Apimaye Ergo Plus Hive Combo

  • Each Apimaye hive comes with the standard features:

    • Screened bottom board with removable pollen trap and drawer
    • Entrance reducer
    • Queen excluder
    • Division/uniting board for both the brood chamber and super
    • Frame spacers
    • Top feeder
    • Latches and Handles for Brood box, Supers, and Top Cover
    • Six times the insulation than standard wooden hive boxes
    • Compatible with 10 frame woodenware. Can be used as supers if prefered