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Our 5 frame Deep Nucs come as a thriving well populated starter colony. Each Nuc has three frames of brood and two frames of food stores. Our VSH Italian queens are well mated and lay incredible brood patterns giving your colony a great headstart in building out to a full size colony. 

2024 5 Frame Deep Nuc w/ Italian Queen

SKU: 006
  • Nuc Warranty- We stand behind our products and make sure our bees are healthy and strong. If there is an issue with your nuc or its queen please reach out to us immediately. All Nucs are sold "as is" and HoneySmith Bees assumes no responsibility once the nucs are loaded on/in your vehicle. Heat is a major concern when transporting nucs and losses have been incured when the proper precautions/care are not taken.

  • When ordering your nucs please select "Pick up at HoneySmith Bees" during checkout.

    **If your order is larger than 25 Nucs we can arrange to deliver them to you.

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